Target Market

There are many factors to keep in mind when designing the perfect paper bag.

Consider the following:

Conferences & Exhibitions: Bigger is very often better! That way you can make sure that all your competitors bags are hidden inside your bag. Which leaves your brand on display!

Different bags for different target markets

Handle Length: Shorter handles get used for holding your bag in the hand. Long handles can be placed over the shoulder, but could drag on the floor!

Gift Bags: Ribbon handles, a central ribbon tie or hot foil printing can all make a simple bag look much more special.

Food: For takeaways, look at our Kraft paper bags. For luxurious cupcakes, you could play around with some funkier ideas, like individual triangular or star shaped laminate bags.

Retail: Add eyelets for extra strength and that added little flash. Take a look at laminate finishing options to make your bag stand out.

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