We can print from 1 spot colour, up to CMYK plus 2 spots, depending on the bag type.

Laminate and Kraft rope handle bags can be printed with both CMYK and coated spot colours. Kraft Paper Twist and Tape handle bags can only be printed with uncoated spot colours.

Print methods FAQ

For large areas of colour we recommend that you use spot colours, as this only uses one plate. Creating large flat areas in CMYK needs 4 plates to make up one colour. With spot colours, the first bag in a run will perfectly match the last bag.

Lamination can affect the appearance of the printed colour. Even though Lamination is transparent, it has its own opacity, both this and the heat process affect printed colours. Some more than others.

Printing the same image on both sides is cheaper than printing a different image on either side. One face, gusset, turnover top plus one half of the base makes up one side. Artwork that flows continuously around the bag classifies as different artwork both sides.

Internal printing is an optional extra. Either as a full colour process or as a spot colour print on the inside.

Full coverage printing may be available on kraft bags dependant on lead time and bag types. Ask us for more information.

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