Laminate Bag Handle Types

Laminate Bags

We offer a wide selection of handles for our bags:

Polyprop Rope Handles – The most popular being Polypropylene rope. Soft and flexible to the touch, finished with neat melted edges. Stock colours available.

Natural Cotton Rope Handles – For the eco-conscious. Cotton ropes are softer and appear matt. The ends cannot be melted.

Ribbon Handles – Available in satin, cotton and velvet options. A wide range of colours are available and these can also be printed. Ribbons can be added as a central tie to keep the bag closed in addition to standard handles.

Webbing Handles – A great look for utilitarian or retro bags.

Die-Cut Handles – There is no limitation on possible shapes of die-cut handles, the most popular being the sausage or oblong shape.

Eyelets – Can reinforce the strength of rope handles and are an additional design feature. Most popular colours are gold, silver or black.

Kraft Bags

Kraft Bag Handle Types

Kraft bags come with a variety of handles depending on the size and style of bag chosen.

Twisted Paper Handles – Are made from the same kraft paper as the bag. They are glued in to a reinforced panel on the bag for additional strength.

Paper Tape Handles – Are also made from the same kraft paper as the bag. They can be glued to the interior or the exterior of the bag.

Rope Handles – Some of our full coverage kraft bags can be supplied with rope handles in PP or cotton.

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