Brown Paper Variation

Brown Paper Variations
Brown Paper Variations

Brown paper, it’s not all the same!

Brown paper is great choice for your bags. It has excellent green credentials and great bio-degradability. However not all brown papers are the same. Quite literally! Colour variation is a perfectly normal, but not always expected, feature.

The two main ingredients of brown kraft paper are trees and recycled paper. Trees are fairly well know for all being slightly different and recycled paper is much the same. You never know what you will get! If your bags happen to come from 2 different batches of paper they could be very different colours. The majority of the time, one batch of paper will be a pretty similar colour all the way through, but even then the first bag could be different to the last in the batch.

Don’t forget that printing on brown paper also effects the colour of the inks used on it. Lighter colours allow the colour of the paper to show through more than darker colours. If the colour accuracy of your bags is important, you might want to consider 100% coverage printing. That way you can print the brown direct to to the bag and have complete control over all the colours used.

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