We are Going Green

We have a real concern about the impact that we are having on the World around us and what we can do to decrease our, and in turn, your impact on the Environment

How we are doing this:

Laminated Bag Range:

Lamination increase the usage and life span of a bag as they can be used over and over again. As all councils have different Recycling Plants, what can or can't be recycled is dependent on your location at the moment. All the bags will decompose eventually.

Kraft Bag Range:

Our full colour block bottom and internal tape handle Kraft bags are virtually carbon neutral and all waste products are incinerated at high temperatures leaving water as the only bi-product. The factory is also equiped with an underground waste tank that will catch any spillage should any occur.

Certain finishes on our paper bags can have an effect on the recyclability of the bag. Non-woven Polyprop handles are not recyclable but they are reuseable. We suggest using cotton rope handles for our rope handled kraft bags as the cotton handles are a natural product and therefore more eco-friendly.

We can also offer Unlaminated Offset paper for your bags - these bags are made completely from sustainably sourced paper. Offset paper can be embossed and debossed, can accept foiling and UV spot varnish as well as full colour 100% printing.

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